Himalayan Saffron

Our Kashmiri Saffron is harvested from beautiful valley located within Himalayan peaks which is renowned for its superior quality due to the ideal altitude, climate, and meticulous cultivation methods in the region. This saffron boasts deep red saffron threads, intense flavour, and captivating aroma, setting it apart as a culinary treasure.

Luxurients Premium Himalayan Kashmiri Saffron

A sought-after choice among culinary experts and esteemed professionals in the hospitality industry. This saffron, honoured with prestigious awards, is celebrated for its unparalleled purity and top-grade status (Grade 1). Cultivated in the pristine Himalayan region, it imparts a rich, exotic flavour and vibrant colour to elevate your culinary creations. Trusted by leading chefs, it promises a sensory journey like no other.

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  • Saffron helps reduce stress and anxiety

    Saffron is great for regulating mood and therefore, makes you feel less stressed and less anxious. Hence why Saffron is sometimes referred as the ‘Sunshine spice’. Saffron has been in use within many traditional medications to cure depression and in some recent modern studies, it was concluded that Saffron is significantly better than Placebo in helping improve mood.

  • Saffron helps reduce body weight

    Various studies have shown that Saffron helps reduce appetite which indirectly helps reduce weight when combined with a balanced diet. Simply add Saffron to water and drink as part of your daily water intake. Alternately, you can add Saffron into warm milk and add to your morning porridge.

  • Saffron brings natural glow to your skin

    Saffron is widely used in many Asian and Middle eastern traditions as a natural skin care ingredient. Saffron can be mixed with Sandalwood powder and couple of teaspoons of milk to create a paste than can be applied to skin. It can help with natural skin glow as well as fight pigmentation.

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Our source

At Luxurients, we skip the middleman and work directly with local farmers in Kashmir to source the purest Saffron.

  • “Fantastic product quality and service from Luxurients. Keep up the quality and here you have a customer forever”

  • “One of the best Saffron I’ve used and amazed with the premium quality”

  • “Really impressed with the quality of Saffron“

  • ”An excellent Saffron with long dark red strands. Perfect colour and smells beautiful”

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An Ancient Healer

Saffron is not only great for cooking but is known to reduce stress and anxiety symptoms which ultimately leads to a good night sleep!


    Aroma so strong that even the postman knows he’s delivering Saffron!


    In fact, our results are 25% higher than Grade 1 requirement.


    Achieved highest rating during Great Taste 2022.


    Highly rated by customers.