How to use Saffron

How to use Saffron

Saffron is a highly prised spice that can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the flavour and colour of food. Here are some tips on how to use saffron:

1. Soak saffron threads in warm liquid: Saffron threads should be soaked in warm liquid, such as water, milk or broth, for about 10-15 minutes before using them. This helps to release the flavour and colour of the saffron.

2. Use in rice dishes: Saffron is commonly used in rice dishes such as paella and biryani. Simply add a pinch of saffron to the rice while it is cooking to give it a golden yellow colour and a slightly sweet, floral flavour.

3. Add to soups and stews: Saffron can be added to soups and stews to add a subtle, yet distinctive flavour. It pairs well with seafood, chicken, and vegetable-based soups and stews.

4. Use in baking: Saffron can be used in baking to add a unique flavour and colour to cakes, cookies, and bread. Add a pinch of saffron threads to the dough or batter before baking.

5. Make saffron tea: Saffron tea is a popular beverage in many countries. Simply steep a few threads of saffron in hot water for a few minutes, then add honey or sugar to taste.

Remember that saffron is a strong and expensive spice, so a little goes a long way. Use it sparingly to avoid overpowering the other flavors in your dish.

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