About us


Our Team:

Luxurients Ltd is a UK registered limited company run by a team of Kashmiri entrepreneurs who had a passion to bring the unique Kashmiri Saffron to the world. The origin and local knowledge possessed by our team helps us to source the finest Saffron from the valley of Pampore in Kashmir, India. Part of the reason for our superior quality is that we work directly with our growers, skipping the middleman which enables us to have a direct control on the quality of our Saffron production.


Our Mission:

At Luxurients, our mission is to offer the most superior high quality pure Saffron which is sourced directly from our local farmers in Kashmir. We take great pride in the quality of our products and value customer experience as our top priority. 

Over the past many years Kashmiri farmers have struggled to generate a sustainable income. By purchasing our Saffron, our customers are directly empowering the local farmers and supporting the agriculture trade in Kashmir.


From The Valley Of Himalayan Peaks:

Our Kashmiri Saffron is sourced from the feet of Himalayan peaks from a town called Pampore in Kashmir. It is the only Saffron in the world grown at an altitude of 1,600m-1,800m above mean sea level, perfect for high quality Saffron harvest. The strands of Kashmiri Saffron are thicker and longer compared to rest of the world. A small pinch of our Saffron is enough to enrich any recipe!