Our Saffron has been awarded as Great Taste 2022 in the UK for the sensational flavour, wonderful aroma and high colouring strength.

Not only is our Saffron recognised and awarded by the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink accreditation but also certified as GRADE 1 Saffron under international ISO 3632 standards. GRADE 1 Saffron is the highest quality Saffron with the purest red strands.


Grade 1 Saffron is the most superior Saffron grading which means it is highest in quality for Aroma, Flavour and Colouring strength. During lab testing, a Saffron sample has to go through a series of tests on key matrix such as Safranal for Aroma, Picrocrocin for Flavour and Crocin for Colouring strength. There are set international standards and values for each Grade.

All our Saffron production has to pass GRADE 1 test before packed for our customers. In fact, our Saffron results are 25% higher than industry standard!

Test Results

Crocin for Colouring strength: 297 (Grade 1 requirement is 200)

Picrocrocin for Flavour: 109 (Grade 1 requirement 70)

Safranal for Aroma: 32 (Grade 1 requirement is 20)

Based in the most recent 2022 Saffron batch results published in Dec 2022. For official certificate, please contact us.